Website Development / E-Shop

Would you like a brand-new modern website to improve your online appearance and appeal to your target audience effectively? Do you need an e-shop to increase your online sales? It’s no problem, we can create a highly presentable and unique website or a remarkable e-shop for you. Let’s start with your digital transformation today! We always prefer to use one of the most common, powerful, user-friendly CMS (Content Management System) build – WordPress.

platform prototyping

Platform Prototyping

The untapped opportunity for new business? But it takes a lot of work and experience to successfully market and sell your idea and make your business work in the long run. We will help you leverage the resources and build the tailored platform via go-to-market strategy that will bring you significant results.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

We monitor and measure all the data to easily see the marketing impact. The most crucial data are presented in a customized campaign analytics & reporting. Motion tracking, screen recording and heatmaps help us to understand your website visitors and we track and improve elements to increase conversions.

messanger marketing & bots

Messenger Marketing

Social Media impact is significant, that we may all agree on. Due to decreasing organic reach on Facebook and very low engagement rates on business pages post, we decided to offer our customer an exclusive service, in which we, together with them, develop custom tailored messenger bot. Not only that the bot is online 24/7 but also it gives customers very individualized touch, it allows businesses to turn cold contact to check-out ready customer!

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

By following and implementing new trends, we execute an attractive content adaptation. That helps to maximize the value of your social media’s visual aspect presentation, engage and grow your customer base. We analyse data and elaborate a customized advanced strategy to make effective dynamic campaigns, attract the interest of your target audience and gain more clients to your company.


Marketing Automation

Our main goal is to help you create unique, saleable and most importantly profitable marketing. Marketing automatization is all about reaching that exact goal. Email automatization, email marketing based on custom made triggers, effective retargeting, automatic messages, automatic CRM lead & deal generations and task management, related products and service offers, all that and more is part of how we can automate your business.

video production

Short Video Production

How to raise your brand awareness, uniqueness, and differentiation? By using promotional video – one of the most creative, emotional, humorous and educative distribution channels of digital storytelling! Today’s world is fast and people don’t have time to read long articles. Let’s provide your potential customers an opportunity to introduce yourself in the easiest and the most persuasive way!