The story of Ruzicka International OÜ

In “RI” we believe in honesty and reliability.

Small businesses and small business owners have been forgotten by most of the modern marketers since the boom of social media. There is a simple reason for that. MONEY. Medium size and large companies are far more interesting for most of the marketers because of their large budgets.
This leaves small business owners desperate as they usually don’t have the time to follow the newest marketing trends. They are trying to juggle managing their business with running small marketing campaigns by themselves on Facebook. Sadly, this often results in a lot of wasted money and poor results.
Ruzicka International OÜ is here to change this and help small businesses to grow and understand marketing data. Our focus is to run effective internet marketing for a reasonable price. We aim not to only bring invested money back but to bring even more money in.
We believe in long term partnerships. Thus, we thrive to work WITH you, get to know your business and help you achieve impressive results – We don’t want to just work FOR you.

How it all started?

The idea to create location independent company came to Jan Ruzicka (The Company Founder) after he discovered the brilliant concept of Estonian E-Residency. Jan was working for small and midsize companies in Czech Republic, Slovakia and recently also in Denmark. He has done many years of programming, build dosents of websites, ran countless amount of campaigns on Google and Facebook, created newsletters, banners, and much more…
By having these unique international experiences with the real world, and believe in the power of the social media, he decided to open his own digital marketing agency – Ruzicka International OÜ. Thanks to our remote way of work, we can offer the same services for business owners across the whole Europe for the competitive prices. Currently, we are focused the most in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Ruzicka International is not a single person company. Our team is full of people, which are enthusiastic about the digital world with the passion for the online marketing. We do things in-house and have own project management skills and resources to scale your projects.

What can you expect?

Considering many years of experience and cooperation with a various branch of markets, we can provide high-end and effective service. Since we have a solid background, you can be confident our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the service you demand.

Your needs, your wants, your expectations…what do we care about the most is your satisfaction. To build a personal customer relationship is an essential to the entire cooperation. We take time to analyze and understand your business to set up the customizable service and increase the number of your customers.

You can engage!

We believe that news in online marketing, tips or anything that may help your business to grow, should be public. We trust in knowledge sharing. Thus, we create unique content which we share with you on our Facebook page Ruzicka International OÜ and YouTube channel Ruzicka International OÜ. You can find there links to blogs, tips and videos, all will be published shortly.